Christian De Almeida Rego


Our Services

The Film Photography

I have been capturing the life stories from many years now. My shoot, combined with the audio dialogue makes a winning combination.

Video Editing Service

I love making your video amazing, whether it’s a wedding film or a corporate training video, I offer my exceptional services to you.

Event photography

I have worked on large scale projects and successfully given excellent results. I will capture every moment of your event to make it memorable.

Editing and Printing

I have all the skills and resources to edit and transform your pictures. My photo lab has all the tools needed to print your photographs beautifully.

Framing and Lamination

My skilled craftsmen handle all the work of framing and lamination. We offer custom mounting techniques along with different laminates.

Family Photography

Nothing can be more precious than a family. I am an expert in family photography, which you will love looking at every day.

In This Family, Everyone is Photogenic.

Make your photographs so beautiful that everyone admire your photogenic face. Christian De Almeida Rego's special editing skills and your smiley face will make your photographs extraordinary.
Image is Everything
Life Through Lens

Capturing moments from today,Creating memories for a lifetime

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